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I know that I am a pack rat, but I am a pack rat that wants to change! I have decided to live by four rules when it comes to cleaning my room and I'm going to stick to it! Here they are: 1. Trash It (Or Donate It) If you’re never gonna use it, trash it. If you're thinking, “Well, I might use it if…” No. Stop it. Trash it! If it’s broken, trash it. If you can’t find a reason to trash it, or it could actually be useful to someone else, donate it! Either way, get it out of your room and out of your life! 2. Give Everything A Place When you are re-organizing your room, you are not done until you have a place for everything. That place shouldn’t be in the middle of your floor (dirty laundry, old papers, shoes) or just wherever it may fall. It needs an actual place to rest when it is not in use. 3. Replace Something After You Use It Not replacing things after you have used them is probably the second biggest contributing factor to your room becoming a huge mess. Dirty clothes don’t go on the floor, they belong in the hamper. Those rings go in your jewelry box, not on your bedside table. All of your items need a place, and if you take the minute to put them there when you are done using them, you're also helping yourself find them the next time you look for them. 4. Store It If you can’t find a place for something in your room, and you do not need it anytime soon (like furniture for when you move out) then store it. If there’s storage space somewhere in your house and if you have checked that it’s available for use (if you live with your parents or a roommate), use that!