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I need help with wheels!
Hey guys, looking for some help from this awesome community. As some of you may know from a post that I made a while ago I recently got a new Madrid Nessie with some Cal 44's :D I plan to learn freeride using it. I've just got one problem. Wheels. I'm just looking for some advice about wheels good for freeriding. Are there any particular wheels that are good for learning? Any personal recommendations? I'm currently thinking Mini Zombie Hawgs. Anything you guys have to say? I'd really appreciate it!
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my favorite slide wheels so far are blood orange liam Morgans 65mm 82a mostly cause they are super buttery, quiet, smooth, have just the perfect amount of grip... and dump a lot of thane on hot days slow or fast slides haha
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Wheelrz Diablos, they come in 80a and 85a. They are super buttery and controllable. The wheels are 33 bucks. I can get you 10% off that 33 bucks.
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@DrakeEvers he's gettin it for like nothing, might as well get it!
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I love my Liam Morgan blood oranges, they dump thane and are consistent. I can't say much for zombie hawgs but I plan to get a pair after I core my blood oranges
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I've learned on zombie hawgs 84s and zombie mini 84s and they were amazing, last summer I went to a these demo event and got a free set of the green ATF 327 80a and I love them all. The hawgs were dope and large so I still had a lot of control for speed and cornering, the minis were a little harder to control being smaller and I lost speed with that switch so eh. but 84s are rough. I love my 80a these wheels but I would get the 82s over the 80s cause I'm a bit lighter set and they are a little harder to break loose cause they are softer than I prefer, but when I do slides its smooth and controlled. The these compared to the minis are taller and wider which gives good control more than that of the minis. my riding buddy had butter balls but didn't like em as much as his old 82 minis or his current these ATF 327 80a white. hope you find the right set for you.
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