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I need help with wheels!

Hey guys, looking for some help from this awesome community. As some of you may know from a post that I made a while ago I recently got a new Madrid Nessie with some Cal 44's :D I plan to learn freeride using it. I've just got one problem. Wheels. I'm just looking for some advice about wheels good for freeriding. Are there any particular wheels that are good for learning? Any personal recommendations? I'm currently thinking Mini Zombie Hawgs. Anything you guys have to say? I'd really appreciate it!
Dude I love my mini zombies. I'm learning standup 180's and they're amazing. Just perfection under my feet.
P.S. They're good Freeride/slide wheels, so if that's what you're looking to do, you might like them!
I think the name def. holds true. They are super buttery! If you can get them super cheap or free, do it. You can always set them aside. @3rdtactical
@3rdtactical check this out: http://www.daddiesboardshop.com/longboards/wheels?riding_style_multi=freeride Daddies has ratings/reviews. This is their Freeride recommendation section. When you pick out a wheel, buy it from MuirSkate. MuirSkate has a sale until Friday, so if you're looking at $50 wheels, you'll end up paying $45 instead!
my favorite slide wheels so far are blood orange liam Morgans 65mm 82a mostly cause they are super buttery, quiet, smooth, have just the perfect amount of grip... and dump a lot of thane on hot days slow or fast slides haha
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