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When the boats rest

Just another long exposure photo of 25 seconds. I chose to take it right after sun set so that I don't miss out on a colourful sky. Also the darkness that follows right after sun set is enough to capture the boat trails without over exposing them. Finally notice how you see a flat and diffused lights right where the boats are resting. Gives a good finish to the photo texture. Hope you liked it.
I love long exposure, it's nice that the boats had lights colored lights, where was this taking.
The diffused light looks fantastic. The blues, greens, purples and oranges are just so nice.
Beautiful shot! This twilight time is just perfect for long exposure photography, isn't it!?
its in Germany.
Thanks for your advice. actually I did not follow the metering for this photo and just went with the random exposure of my choice. I guess metering would have made the picture a little cooler.
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