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Just another long exposure photo of 25 seconds. I chose to take it right after sun set so that I don't miss out on a colourful sky. Also the darkness that follows right after sun set is enough to capture the boat trails without over exposing them. Finally notice how you see a flat and diffused lights right where the boats are resting. Gives a good finish to the photo texture. Hope you liked it.
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Thanks. ..The outcome of the photo was quite nice. .And I haven't even felt the need to post process it
@Ajinkya If I'm being completely honest it does look a bit warm so you could try white balancing to make it a little cooler. However the lights on the street may very well be naturally warm. Other than that I think it looks great!
Thanks for your advice. actually I did not follow the metering for this photo and just went with the random exposure of my choice. I guess metering would have made the picture a little cooler.
I love long exposure, it's nice that the boats had lights colored lights, where was this taking.
its in Germany.