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I was tagged by @MattK95 and I'm happy to oblige BC others lists were hilarious so here we goooo.... 1. The song that describes how you will die Taeyang__Move Hmmmmm death by....nvm. Sounds like a good way to go :) Die happy 2. This song describes your love life. BTS__Spine breaker I guess I'm a sugar mama.....LOL BC I sure as heck have never had a bf who buys me things. 3. This song will play at your wedding day. Dynamic Duo ft ZionT__Three Dope Boys I'm down. That opening line gets me....its sooooo good. 4.Add "in my pants" at the end of this song. Taeyang__Ringa Linga………in my pants Bwahahahahaha xD 5. This song will play at your Funeral. Dynamic Duo Ft Hyorin__Hot Wings Totally inappropriate....but they do say.... You’re my angel, after you dry off, spread your wings. 6. Add "with a shovel and screwdriver" to this song. Shinhwa__Hurts………with a shovel and screwdriver Totally appropriate :) Let it hurt....Let it hurt soooo bad 7. This song describes your week. G Dragon ft Lydia Paek__ R.O.D <3My Ride or Die chick....my niecey poo. 8. This is your theme song. Zico ft Don Mills__ Tough Cookie Word (•̀o•́)ง lol 9. The song will play when you think of someone you love. Winner__Empty Not too emooooo now lol but its honestly quite accurate. ( ᵒ̴̶̷̥́ ·̫ ᵒ̴̶̷̣̥̀ ) ̥ 10. The song will play when you miss someone. GD & T.O.P__Don't Go Home Fitting I suppose. Didn't think my song for #4 could get better than @jiggzy19 .....but Ringa Linga in my pants is pretty dang funny xD
@PassTheSuga yes I tell people the same thing all the time, I'm not crazy, I'm just artistic XD
@danidee I'm counting on you to keep the crowd hype while I'm gettin turnt up ┏(`○´)┛ ┏(`o´)┓ ┗(`O´)┛ @MattK95 lol its like I say....I'm not crazy or out of touch ...I'm artistic and creative :) Get on my level people hahaha.
@PassTheSuga no not crazy, I'd say inspired :)
@PassTheSuga Hahahahaha I will be your hype man
@danidee @chasinghapiness oh it'll be on when this song comes on....hold my bouquet honey...THIS MAH JAM
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