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Julieta Venegas is an artist that proves U.S. born Latinos can still make it big in the Latin American music industry. Born in Long Beach, CA, Julieta Venegas launched her career in Mexico with her awesome accordion playing and quirky songs. It's really hard to describe her style because she mixes a variety of genres and her sound has evolved throughout the years. I wanted to add her to this collection of Latina singer-songwriters because you can say that Julieta was able to reach more of a mainstream audience than her peers. Her music has been enjoyed by those into the "indie" scene as well as parents and older generations. Her musical blend of the accordion found in Mexican folk music and pop has made her sound unique and memorable. She's won 5 Latin Grammy's as well, so most people would agree that she is talented. "Me Voy" is a song about leaving someone who is not good for you. A straightforward song, but it is catchy and is one of her most popular songs.