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yup, decided to go all out n get the s9 dojo dhd, blood orange liam morgans 65mm 82a, bear grizzly 852s and bones reds:) got him some s9 slide gloves too, he's gonna be so fuckin stoked! well.. at least I hope if not I'll take it lmaoXP the only thing that sucks is Socal Skateshop gave me a truck the was missing the bolt and spacers for one wheel, other than that it was good:)
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Whats the "3.5 OS" mean on the liam morgans?
the offset, its 3.5mm offset @IsaacPaulR
so the core isn't completely centered, its a little bit to the side of the wheel
Oh i know what bearing seats are and do, ha i just didnt make the connection that thats what the number was talking about @JaydenWashabaug
okay haha wasn't sure so thought I'd just through it out there @IsaacPaulR