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The bannock is a traditional trail food from the days when life happened on the trail, or large amounts of traveling were done. It's a great food for when you're going to be really hungry and want something very home-y to eat! While a lot of ultra-light hikers might not want to bring the ingredients for this, I think it's a great food to make every once and a while on the right winter hike! Or, cheat and make it at home after returning from a hike. The basic proportions of an American bannock are: -1 cup of flour -1 tsp of baking powder -a little salt to taste -a good slurp of fat, perhaps 1-2 tbs -Water – enough to make a dough Instructions: 1. You’ll need a 3 or 4 cup mix for a large frying pan sized loaf – mix together the dry ingredients and fat and then add enough water to make a soft dough. 2. Flatten the dough into a hot lightly oiled frying pan and move off the heat a little, the addition of a lid at this stage will help the dough to rise higher and make a lighter bread. 3. Make sure you are not burning the base of your bread, but aim to flip the bread over after 10 minutes and then cook uncovered for another 5 to 10 minutes, or until you get a nice hollow ring from tapping the crust and the bread is no longer doughy. 4. When ready tear off chunks and enjoy with melted butter! There are a lot of cool ways to modify this recipe, especially if you are car-camping with your hike so you have the space to bring more ingredients! Try one of these: - add sugar, powdered milk, or powdered eggs - add spices - add meat - add veggies Enjoy!
I bet this would be really nice with some of those add-in ingredients.
This reminds me of those can-to-biscuit cook from a can things.
@yakwithalan Yes! With jam is great if you're carrying it. @fallingwater I never though of adding thyme, but you're right. Kind of like stuffing. @treedweller Enjoy!
Wow I don't usually bring a pan that big but I think I could make a good one-person-sized serving!
I think this with some thyme and beef would be so good!
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