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여자친구 GFriend - 유리구슬 Glass Bead
여자친구 GFriend - 유리구슬 Glass Bead Official M/V: http://youtu.be/IxnD5AViu6k A lot of people have been comparing then to SNSD and Apink but I honestly find this song catchy! Good luck GFriend!
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I can see why they are getting compared, but I like them anyway! I just think its funny that their name in korean is literally 'girlfriend' haha
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It actually reminds me of the MV for Candy Jelly Love by Lovelyz
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@chasinghapiness that's what i thought when it first started!
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@chasinghapiness @kpopandkimchi i agree! to me the only thing is that one girl who looks like jessica but the song is pretty cute like any other cute kpop song XD
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