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In a time rush for class, office or dinner date? Braid your way out the door looking cute and gorgeous. They wouldn't know you took 3 minutes to do your hair. ;) 1. Part hair to one side, and begin forming a side French braid. 2. Continue to French braid by pulling small sections of hair, in a diagonal direction over the ear. 3. Finish the braid at the back of the head. 4. Gather a bit of hair from the other side to complete your half-up look. 5. Join together with a clear hair-tie, and finish off with a bit of hair spray if needed!
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@ArianaVenti Exactly what I had in mind when I saw this pic!
I usually wear a hair ribbon with this hairstyle. It's a cute way to hide the elastic!
This brings back so much memories! I used to do this a lot in high school.
This is so pretty! I usually wear my hair half up like this but I never thought to use a braid too
I really need to get those tiny rubber bands, all I have are the larger elastics that stand out too much