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This is my favorite hairstyle for pre/post workout and second-day hair. The braided style near the crown does a great job minimizing the sweaty strands and keeping the hair off my face. So here's an advice, ditch the boring basic pony tail for gym and update your look with this mohawk braid pony. Note: You'll have to manipulate a dutch braid to create the mohawk style. Steps: 1. Grab hair from crown and divide it into three sections. Start dutch braiding (add hair from side strands and take it under the middle strand). 2. As you move down, remember that right hair from the right side goes to right strand and under the middle. Vice versa for the left side. 3. Continue braiding until you hit upper back section of the hair. Secure it with a elastic matching your hair color. 4. Then gather the rest of your hair into a high ponytail. Tip: For a fuller ponytail tease the inside the layer. You can also grab a small section of hair cover your elastic band (you'll have to secure it with a bobby pin). That's it!
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I really enjoy these hair tutorials and ideas. I don't know really much about hair but I like to clip the hair cards that I think brides would like to sport on their wedding. I typically go for hair that is edgy, tousled, free-form, romantic, and chic. I like hair that could be seen down the aisle as much as on a hike. LOL
@marshalledgar haha I think any hairstyles will work for brides as long the dress is a wedding dress.
True @stargaze. I have to agree with @galinda. This mohawk pony has the right blend of edgy and sweet.
This would look great for any events! Totally practicing this one ♥