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With the recent growth of interest in hiking and camping due to the popular books and movies about topics like thru hiking the AT and more, I have a worrying question. Is Leave No Trace ideology dying? I don't mean this as a joke. I know that many of you will think "of course not! I still care," but on the whole, I see more and more destruction of wilderness beside trail locations, at campsites, and a general disregard for what leave no trace is all about protecting. The Appalacia Trail is becoming a spring break drinking trip for some uneducated students. Campgrounds that are short term, or leave nothing behind in theory, are being trashed. Check out this video, for starters. This wilderness lover is mad, and not un-rightfully so. While people believe they are learning an "appreciate for nature" by going out and camping like shown, they are actually not learning to respect nature, so they're leaving behind disgusting messes that frankly I'm tired of seeing. So what can we do about it? Learn. And that's what I hope to help teach. Please share what you think needs fixed as we move to really leave no trace through out camping, hiking and trekking.
@treedweller That's good advice. I'll try to do the same if I ever come across this .
@TrevorGoldley You're lucky you haven't had to witness it first hand. Like these guys I usually try to leave places cleaner than when I get there, but nothing is worse than seeing this kind of shit and not even being able to do that.
@treedweller Hey man thanks. You're right it doesn't really show me how to find that but this totally infuriates me!!! Are you joking when you say this is everyone?! what the actual fuck.
@TrevorGoldley This won't really answer your question about how to find old campfire rings to use yet, but it does show you how not to leave things.