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This is a great video for setting up the basics of what Leave No Trace Hiking is. While a lot of what the idea of LNT hiking is all about should be common sense, I understand that it's not to everyone. So, take a look at this video. If there is something you have questions about, leave a comment. I plan on using this video alongside the principles of LNT hiking to fill out this collection for helping people understand how to practically be a Leave No Trace hiker!
@treedweller Alright, will do!
@TrevorGoldley Whatever you can contribute please just go for it! There's also more info that needs to be shared; I certainly don't own it! Research and post whatever you'd like
@treedweller Because if you need to research any of it I'd beglad to try to cover some topics, too....kind of like a coworking collection ha ha. You can just clip the cards I make? Let's message about it.
@treedweller Cool find. Nice intro. Are you going to just do one card about each or...?