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While I know it's not always the most ideal situation while hiking, you really should keep your dog leashed. When I first started seeing dogs on the trail, I'd often see them running free, and never really though of the problems with this till I started planning how to trail my dog for the trail. I realized that there are just so many reasons to keep your pet on the leash: for your comfort, for other people's comfort, for your dogs safety, so your dog doesn't harm any animals, so your dog doesn't get lost, the list goes on. Not only that, but letting your dog roam free by nature goes against Leave No Trace hiking principles, which I hope most of you would be committed to keeping. @treedweller has been teaching a lot about why we need to watch the environment, and I hope that this tip can help some people understand why keeping your dog on a leash is part of that!
@treedweller That's my goal! I'll keep looking for more tips.
@TrevorGoldley Yeah. Take them to a dog park or a yard where they can run and be safe about it. Don't subject them or others to harm!
@treedweller Yeah. I mean, I get kind of weird about it because it's great to let your dog off the leash and let them enjoy the outdoors, too, but you don't like...what your dog getting hurt or shit like that so you gotta be careful. There are other places for running your dog without a leash, but it's not the trails.
Awesome. This is definitely a must, I think. Of course there are times when releasing your dog is okay, but they're going to run all over, not just on the already worn trail and cause more wearing if you think about it. And then you'll have to go after them etc. It's better to just keep them leashed and on the trail!