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Esperanza is a great book because it humanizes the Mexican immigration experience. Specifically, this book is based off Pam Muñoz Ryan's grandmother, who moved to the United States from a wealthy life in Mexico during the Great Depression. I read this book in elementary school, and although it is intended for younger readers, it is a great story to read. I feel that it is important for students to learn about the cultural background and history of struggle that immigrants face. Immigration is such a heavy topic to this day, and works of art such as this book help non-immigrants gain insight of what the experience may be like. The quote in the image is a Mexican proverb that translates to: "The rich person is richer when he becomes poor, than the poor person when he becomes rich." which relates to Esperanza's experience of losing all her riches from Mexico when leaving to the U.S.
@TechAtHeart It does feel....more simple than I remember, but kind of understanding more about the world its coming from really helped me still enjoy it!
I actually re-read this book recently while cleaning out my room, and still really enjoyed it. Also, I love this proverb. The tale really shows how even when losing something, we gain much more if we're moving towards something worthwhie.
@timeturnerjones yes, such a timeless story that is a good read for all ages! I hope to pick it up at my local library soon to reread it...I remember loving it so much.