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132-Year Old Rifle Found in Great Basin National Park

This proves it: the world, no matter how far explored, will always continue to surprise us! America seems to have no unknown frontiers. In the world of Google, and such high levels of knowledge being available to us on a day-to-day basis, what is there left to discover when we step outside. The answer is a lot! Not only can we discover (don't kill me for the corniness) the joy of nature, we can discover really cool things like this 132 year old Winchester rifle, that was found simply leaning up against a tree. It's owner, it seems, never came back. Park archaeologists (how cool is that?) at the Great Basin National Park found the gun in November. The 132 year-old rifle, exposed to sun, wind, snow, and rain was found leaning against a tree in the park. It was in a rocky outcrop that is not heavily traveled, which explains why it wasn't found sooner. This type of gun hasn't been made since 1916, and was once referred to as the "everyman's" rifle since it was sold for $50, and then $25, which was more affordable than other rifle options. The next time you think "the outdoors is boring!" remember, you never know what you might fight on your next walk!
@BrianMcNeeley I sure hope so! It made my day just reading about it, after all.
@BrianMcNeeley It must have, especially since it's truly something you can't find every day. Great share @yakwithalan.
Pretty neat find . I bet that made the Archaeologist day to have found it .
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