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Written for the prompt of @greggr : ................ Summer, that we only learned from ancient writings. One of the four seasons in Earth 1200 years ago. Sometimes I see in my dreams, but can never give meaning. Heating of sun, going to sea because of hot weather. It is so difficult to imagine living with those short summer clothes. It has been 800 years since our ancestors came to planet Earthan. They have searched 400 years for our new home after leaving Earth. But the planet they have found was so different that Earth. No more Sun. The air could be breathable, but - 35 degree made it impossible to live outside. Therefore, we built our houses under the surface. Always cold and dark. Ancient people had called this winter. I wish I could see other seasons. Maybe one day we can go back to Earth. Last research ship reported that Earth is still deadly radioactive. Here we do not have so much fun. No one makes snowman or play snow ball anymore. But, I am sure if any 20 years old simple human had lived in Earth 1200 years ago, they would have been the world champion in all winter games. Because of limited resources, we can only heat our homes to maximum +3 degree. So, we always need to wear protective clothes. The happiest moment for me is the bathroom time on Sundays, which is +21 degree. I am closing my eyes and dreaming about Earth. I am dreaming about having a bath under a waterfall. But as soon as leaving the bathroom, I am facing with the cold truth. I am keeping my hopes and dreams. Our scientists reported that they have found a new creature in one of the newly discovered planets, that they are feeding with radiation. Now, we have a hope.
Wow, very enjoyable, and a great response to what I thought was a not so great prompt :) Magical words, my friend.
I just commented on @greggr's card, but I really like this! It reminded me somehow of Interstellar, though I'm not sure if you've seen that.
Wow. Cool take on the prompt! I expected kind of like "on earth winter just keeps going" but this takes it somewhere new, adds a ton of new elements, and sets my imagination on fire a bit. Very cool