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Written for the prompt of @chiaroscuro : ............. I don't know what can I do more. I changed my style, my subjects, my way of thinking. Even I changed my keyboard and typewriter. But this is 17th time that my stories are rejected. Maybe I should listen my dad and continue writing child books. But still don't understand why all the children start crying after reading my books. I know I have talent, but just couldn't find the right thing to write about. I tried poetry, and my girlfriend left me. I tried cooking recipes, and my restaurant under my apartment stopped selling foods to me. I tried science fiction, and owner of my comics book store is not talking to me anymore. There is only one thing left that I haven't tried. I will write about how we shouldn't write. If this doesn't work, I will write about my own death.
@timeturnerjones @chiaroscuro I guess we shall all wait patiently....
Wow, I found this very deep and it left me with a hanging feeling of what happens next?
So, if you write about how you shouldn't write, you'll be good to write? Interesting....I,too, am curious @chiaroscuro