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Mr. Hades
Written for the prompt of @chiaroscuro : ............ Hades: Do you have an idea what is the cost of the coal in underworld these days? And Caesar is cutting our payments each year. How can they think that I will burn all those people under this circumstances? Reporter: But Mr. Hades, other gods say that you are spending all the budget for Aphrodite. Hades: No, this is a big lie. Who saw us, who said that? Tell me, I will burn all of them. Reporter: Please Mr. Hades calm down. These are all gossips. Hades: Tell me my boy, who sent you here? Reporter: Hmmm, actually Mr. Hades I am her because of a really big misunderstanding. Let me explain. Hades: Hahahahaha. Ohhh my boy, you are one of those philosophers, who thinks that they are more clever than me, aren't you. Come here my boy, let me show you how we work here.
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Oops....guess he's not getting out of that one alive! Nice use of some humor, too :)
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Oh he just burns them all away!
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