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Written for the prompt of @chiaroscuro : ........... Why don't they let me eat ice cream? It is not fair. They eat everything they want as much as they want. And when I want, they just send me to bed and say let us show how you sleep. I am not a kid anymore, I am four and half years old. They think that I am sleeping but I can here their laughs. When I grow up, I will not give them ice cream, too. They will see. And now they are shaking my bed. "Please leave me alone! I am sleeping as you said." "Mom why are you taking me, what is happening? What is happening to our house? Dad!" "Mom, Ted, Ted. Where is Ted?" "Why no one is telling me what is happening? Mom the walls!" "Dad where is Ted? He is in my bedroom. Please Dad, don't leave him!" "Dad, Ted is inside the house. PLEASE DAD. Save him." "Noooo, our house. TED. TEEEEED." "Dad, he was inside the house. He is dead. Dad, Ted is dead!" ............ (90 years later) Ohhh, why did I wait so long to come here? Here is a real paradise. My ice cream, this wonderful beach, this amazing sunset; why didn't I come here in my thirties? Ohh, I didn't know that today there is tides. Such a wonderful view. I can smell the seaweeds now. But, why those people are running? OH MY GOD. This wave, coming to us. But what can we do? Where can we escape in this island? I think this is a gift for me. I lived so long. I got over so many diseases, wars, famines in this short life. And this last scene of my life will be a wonderful end. I hope my existence meant something to someone. Wait me, Ted. I am coming to see you.
Too many things being destructed in one small piece of a poem...but I guess that's how life can be!
Wow, cool perspective. I like that it began with the younger self and moved to the older. Very interesting!