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Written for the prompt of @chiaroscuro : ............ I lost everything just because of him. He always interfered in all my decisions. And I always listened to him. All were wrong choices. Since my childhood he prevented me to do what I want. I lived the life he wanted. And now, at 53 years old, I have lots of money, a family that doesn't understand me, no friends, lots of workers who want just more money. I am not happy. He fucked up my life. He doesn't have any friends, any family. He thinks that he can solve everything with money. But when is he going to understand that money is not everything. Am I too late to tell all of these to him? Even if I can tell, can he understand all of these? I don't think so. And also I don't know how to tell all of these. Maybe I should write a letter, explaining all of these. Doctors told me not to talk with him; that would not help me. But how can I be happy, if I can not talk to myself, if I can not convince myself? I don't have so much time left. I want us to be happy. I want to end this war.
@OmerTurco Oops, I tagged myself ><
@timeturnerjones I agree. Well, if you do choose to expand it, I'll be glad to read :)
@timeturnerjones actually it would be good to write the thoughts of the OTHER side, but i think first i need to find a way to bring him back.there should be an extremely importand decision making
I love this! So this is one side of the batttle? It's cool to get in the mind, and I definitely want to know what the OTHER side is thinkin!