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Whenever you get a haircut it looks good at the moment. After the first wash it looks nothing like it did the day you left the salon. Ladies, the truth is not all haircuts are wash and go. If you know you often in rush and have little to no time to style your hair, here are low-maintanence haircut tips according to your hair type. Wavy Hair Ask for lots of face-framing layers (like Miranda Kerr) to prevent your natural texture from overpowering you. Also, A shoulder length shag (like Jessica Alba) is the perfect low-maintanence cut for busy gals. Thick Hair Don't go too short for thick hair and skip blunt cuts for pouf-free weightless hair. Ask for long layers around your face to create movement and a flattering shape. This will give you an easy texture to work with when styling. Fine Hair If your hair is flat, embrace it in a one-length cut. Hair that falls just below the shoulders weighs itself down, so that you won't have to fuss with a ton of products and heat styling. If you're adventurous, go for a blunt cut that create the illusion of thickness, but make sure you avoid bangs to cut down styling time. Curly Hair If you want to add shape to curly hair, go with an angular lob (like Beyonce's). Another style option is a cut that fall below your collarbone with plenty of layers throughout to remove some of the bulk (like Sarah Jessica Parker). Straight Hair What you really want is texture. Go for a long, over-grown shag or a subtle layer are great for minimal styling. Also, layers that hit the chin would flatter your face shape.
I love Miranda Kerr but I wasn't bless with her texture either @mikayla
I have fine hair, but I love Jessica's cut. I wonder if I can pull it off...
I have wavy AND thick hair so many of the styles I love just aren't made for me :/
I'm in love with Miranda's hair but my nature texture is on the thin side, so there's not much volume to work with.