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Most of us are not born with perfect full brows like Cara Delevingner or Camilla Belle. We often need to fill them in with either eye pencil or eyebrow brush. However, the truth is brow shaping can either complement you or throw your facial features off completely. Learn how to avoid the latter by following the notable celebrity makeup artist, Bobbi Brown's shading tips for a unique brow silhouette that's natural and polished. It only takes you a minute!
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She has perfectly shaped brows to begin with. Can you post up a tutorial on how to shape brows?
I can't stop staring at her brows because it's so define!
My roommate in college always used eyeshadow but I thought it would rub off too quickly. I really like this tutorial!
I used to not be able to tell the difference when I used a clear eyebrow gel to clean up my brows, but then I got the Anastasia one, and it works really nice in holding everything in place.