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What do you think?
I'm thinking about buying an electric guitar? What do you guys think? I'm a beginner who's being taut by someone who can play voodoo child amazingly.
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Electric will be easier on your fingers and you'll be more likely to practice if it doesn't hurt. I was self taught 15 years ago. Go for it and have fun!
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love to play can solve all problems... buy it if you love to play it...
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for the same price i might recommend either an epiphone (les paul copy or sg copy) OR fender squire strat or tele copy. the reason is theyre easily reworked/upgraded/fixed, new necks, pickups, tuning knobs, etc. are easily found, cheap or expensive depending 8n what you want, and can be upgraded to professional level instruments. ive got a squier strat i bought for $99 upgraded with about $400 over the years and it sounds and plays great. just a thought. stick with it!
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