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One of the most special person I have ever met. I don't need to speak the same language with her. Just looking into her eyes is enough to understand and be happy. When I am with her, I want her to be happy. Because I know that, when she is happy I am happier. When I first see her, I thought that she is like a boy. Buy this is how she handle the life. She is strong, really strong. But at the same time she is so naive. She is like a flower from the heaven. If you know how to hold her, she will smell from the lands of happiness. But if you don't know, she will bite you. But even she bites you, you like it. Because you know that she is doing that just to protect herself. When she cries, that it is really hard to see her like that, I feel that my own heart is crying. I feel desperate. Her each tear is a part of my heart. I want to do many things for her, but she is leaving. She sent a goodbye letter to us, friends. How can we accept this. Maybe she didn't want, but she is just at the center of our hearts. How can you let your heart to leave. My dear friend, please be safe. I will always love you. And I know that I will bring you back to my heart. Now remembered. Even I know you just for 6 months, I did so many things with you for the first time. You are my soul sister from fenix. I remember the first day at fenix. It was also your first day. I felt all your energy that night. We were together. You made me to handle with it easily. Whenever I looked at you, I filled with more happiness. I saw you as an old american indian girl. I saw the light inside you and you shared it with me. This is why I was always comfortable with you. I will always search for you there. And each time I will feel your absence. I will always send you my good energy. I will always be with you. Whenever yoi close your eyes, you will see me there. Thank you my sister. And sister is irmã, não irmão hahahahha. Love you.