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Pocket your feelings, they're never worth the show. People only see your emotion through the eyes of their own, so any meaning you project will be twisted to fit the mangled shoes of those who listen. Save yourself the expense of a broken heart, and join the broken hearted.
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@WyattHaste Steal him back! (is that bad advice?)
@hikaymm Maybe, but I support this.
Oh how I wish I could lol I may be sad to lose a friend and maybe he is to but he will be happy to experience a new life and journey in a warmer place. and he may be a dog but I've never connected mentally to someone so much just a look an he understood what I wanted and he acted in what he felt he wanted to do, such a smart independent creature. he would give me the freedom and opportunity to be more happy as a friend I'll do the same. you guys are awesome though that's great advise!
@WyattHaste Dogs are awesome; we can totally connect with them as much as people! My dog and me were always like that, too. (I have left her too with others, so she can enjoy staying in a place she loves). I hope you find another awesome friend in the future!
dogs are more nicer than that fucking him .. cheer up . my puppy is knowing which thing is right or not πŸ˜†