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It is a common health myth that a midnight snack is bad for you, but other than doctors and mothers telling you to avoid it, there was no scientific evidence to back that up. Until now. Based on a study on the eating habits of mice, it seems that eating in a 12 hours window, rather than eating all day or whenever you please, can help you avoid obesity or just general weight gain. For example, if you start eating at 7am, stop eating at 7pm! Researchers at the Salk Institute for Biological Studies in San Diego began experimenting with a group of mice in 2012. Some mice consumed high-fat food whenever they wanted; others had the same diet but could eat only during an eight-hour window. None exercised. The mice that ate at all hours soon grew chubby and sick, while the mice that ate within a nine- or 12-hour window remained sleek and healthy, even if they cheated occasionally on weekends. What’s more, mice that were switched out of an eat-anytime schedule lost some of the weight they had gained. Though this has not been tested with humans yet, I suggest you try to contain your eating to 12 hours a day. According to overseeing researcher Satchidananda Panda, "the clock starts with that first cup of coffee with cream and sugar in the morning.” For more:
I'm glad they let the mice cheat on weekends, because I know I do!
What in interesting study! Thanks for sharing @flymetothemoon
@galinda @Nisfit Me three! Hahah I really need to cut back on my late night eating :/
@galinda same here!
I find that eating later just makes me more sluggish so I try to keep the majority of my meals near the middle of the day.
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