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Swedes: Too Cold to Say Yes
In a northern town in Sweden, in the city of Umeå, it seems that it has become too cold to be able to say yes. They instead prefer to just do an inverted whistle? The word for yes in Swedish, "ja," apparently requires that you open your mouth, so these town folk have decided there needs to be a better way. So here it is! So, how long before we all start "shooping" to say yes? I mean if the current cold trends continues, we might be doing sooner rather than later lol
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I want to start doing this to my friends and see if they take it as the answer to anything.
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@danidee in Peru, we do a lot of our calling by whistling. so if I wanted to get my friend to come out, or needed someone to pass me something, etc, I would have a special whistle lol
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Hey, that's really interesting. I have known a few families growing up whose parents had a special whistle for when it was time for the kids to come in from playing and eat dinner. I wonder if it's sort of like that, haha.
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