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Sometimes there is nothing better than hanging out with your friends to get your life back on track, your mood seriously boosted, and your waistline looking great. Wait. What was that last one? My friends and I used to be the gang that would live to eat. Go out for pizza then ice cream then probably hit a cafe for some kind of sugar drink - but no longer! Here are some awesome ways to lose weight with your friends (and I'm not talking about just going to the gym!) 1. Girls Studio Night Out Rather than doing your dinner and drinks, shake things up a bit and head out to one of those new studio classes that are popping up everywhere. Indoor cycling, barre, bootcamps, or rowing, just to name a few. If you're really wild, try out a pole dancing class or hot yoga! Because you’re switching up a your typical work-out routine, your body will respond by boosting your metabolism. Choose the same weeknight each week for one month, and commit to a specific studio and class time. Afterward, have a healthy dinner and at the end of the month, move onto the next studio. It's a lot easier to join a class when you have a group of friends with you :) 2. Form a Cooking Club Pick an ingredient or cuisine, and one night each month host a healthy cooking club. Get everyone to make a healthy dish within the theme and bring the recipe with them to share afterward. You're having fun with friends while eating healthy! 3. Have a Spa Stay-cation Take a yoga class in the morning together, then go for a healthy brunch like eggs, hold the mimosas. After that, go for a nice long walk and hit the steam room or sauna at the end of the day to rest, recover, and congratulate yourselves for making it through! 4. Join a Cause There are tons of great group-runs that raise money for charities, there are always fundraising walk-a-thons throughout the year! Grab a team of your buddies, and choose a cause that’s close to all your hearts—then train!
So, who am I doing this with?!
Not going to lie, I've really wanted to try the pole dancing class haha
I am all about that spa day! My favorite thing to do at the gym is actually sitting in the steam room and then sitting in the sauna :)
I recently did a 5k with my best friend and it was a great experience. We'll be doing it again soon!