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Grab and Go Omelette
There's no time to waste. Who said, you can't cook and get ready at the same time? Make yourself an veggie omelette in a baggie Get prepared while the egg turns into an amazing breakfast waiting for you. How? 1. Just toss all your ingredients into a Ziploc bag. 2. Throw it in a pot of boiling water for ten minutes. 3 Cut open the bag, take it out, wrap it in foil and you're good to go. What a great day!
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I'm a little skeptical about heating up plastic like that but the end result looks really tasty!
3 years ago·Reply
This would definitely speed up my morning cooking, but I still love cooking omelette in the good old skillet.
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This is pretty magical.
3 years ago·Reply
I'm surprise the ziplock didn't melt!
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