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Anime: B gata H kei (aka Yamada's First Time) Yamada was such an impulsive cosplay, as was watching B gata H kei in the first place. I saw my coworker posting about it and saying it was hilarious so I gave it a try. I was not disappointed! I first cosplayed Yamada at Ohayocon 2014, deciding to do so only two weeks prior because I realized we had basically the same hair color. I didn't think anyone would recognize her but I was very wrong! The minute I stepped in the elevator to go down to the con, the guy next to me turns to me and said "Yamada's first time?" (≧~≦); Yamada is one of the most fun characters to be, and I really relate to the expectation vs reality side of her. I love how the entire show really is one big expectation vs reality, and at the heart is a really sweet (though still hilarious) show! Photos by Yenra Photography: Tekko 2014
@timeturnerjones You have to watch it!!! It's so good~~
This is like a 2-1 special! 1) you look adorable and I can't wait to see your other cosplays and 2) now I have a new anime to watch! Thanks!