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Please tell me I am not the only one that showers at night, shaves their legs, and then wakes up with little prickly hairs already on those once smooth legs?! Seriously, can I just have nice un-hairy legs for more than 12 hours?!!! Here's what I am going to do to wage war on my legs, and I hope they work! (If anyone has any other tricks, help a girl out and leave them in the comments!) - Exfoliate Your Skin Use your favorite skin scrub on your legs BEFORE shaving. Exfoliating will get rid of any dead skin cells and also help raise those little hairs hiding beneath the surface. - Use a Good Razor When choosing a razor, make sure you select the one that’s best for your skin type. (Dry skin = moisturizing blade!!!) Opt for a razor with multiple blades. - Shave Up Begin shaving at your ankles, and shave each leg upward against the hair growth. This simultaneously lifts and gets rid of leg hair. - Apply Moisturizer Afterward Right after you step out of the shower, apply lotion. Just be sure that it is not a heavily scented one, as that might actually irritate your skin.
use cuchie cream don't got that problem for a whole week
CheyenneKay that's smart! I never thought about doing that.
actually if you just turn the water on cold and point it away from you it will cause goosebumps and the hair will stand up on end, allowing you to get an even closer shave. just be sure to moisturize afterwards
Good luck! I shave every morning just as they have said and have been since I was 10. At 52, it isn't getting better! We women and men that shave have a lifetime of shaving ahead! I enjoy a great razor called Venus with as many blades as razors offer! It helps me to have more blades! Still a shave that lasted 12 to 24 hours without the prickly hairs returning would be great! I think they call that electrolysis! Which I think I prefer just to shave every day! Yes, I too would love to know the best answer!
Aveeno works perfectly.