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Don't have a buddy to share a pizza with? Here's an advice: Make the waffle iron your best friend. Why? You're gonna have many dinner dates with this iron (man or woman). Let's get grilling: 1. Take out your refrigerated biscuit dough. Cut slit on one side of each biscuit to form a deep pocket. 2. Throw in your desired recipes. 3. Preheat waffle iron and brush oil with it. Close lid and cook for 3 mins (or until waffle is golden brown). Done! Now, turn on your favorite show and enjoy this lovely pizza waffle.
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what do you mean by biscuits dough?
I showed my boss my phone. On the screen was your waffle maker hacks. since he won't agree to get a waffle maker for the office, I'm just going to order it and use petty cash. And when he freaks out, I'm going to feed him hash browns and pizza. who could be mad then?!
@mohamedamir You can get biscuit dough like Pillsbury dough in the refrigerated section of the grocery store :)
@inthekitchen thank you
yummy I've been craving pizza . looks good