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It's been years since the first guard came out of Guantanamo suggesting that the guards and CIA officials working there were murdering inmates and calling it a suicide. And while people listened, nothing changed. With the recent changes in the perception of Gitmo, yet another book has been released. This time, it describes a specific case where 3 men might have been murdered and then reported as suicides by the CIA as a way to end massive hunger strikes happening in Gitmo. The first image shows a camp called "Camp No" located outside the bounds of the detention zone where Hickman, author of the book, believes the men were taken and killed. He witnessed the people being taken out, but back to the medical center, from the towers labeled there as well. Should we believe it? Initially, I was hesitant. Then I read this article about the book: http://www.news.com.au/entertainment/books-magazines/guantanamo-guard-cia-killed-prisoners-and-made-it-look-like-suicide/story-fna50uae-1227186538888 And then this article, from 2010, about a similar report from Camp Delta guards, which details how they were told not to speak up by their commanders, and how the evidence of the "suicides" just don't match up: http://harpers.org/archive/2010/03/the-guantanamo-suicides/ What exactly is going on here? I'm not sure how much I want to think about it. Clearly, there is something suspicious. In the past, when guards have tried to speak up about these things, they were ignored, but because of the crack down on how prisoners are being treated in this high-security prison, it seems they're able to bring more allegations forward. And sure, maybe this guard is only writing the book for fame and money. I've seen some make the argument that he should just go through the courts, but do we really believe this kind of case would make it through without any political manipulation? I'm just not sure.
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@amog32 It really is confusing. Something is wrong though and I hope that in the closing and changing of GITMO and similar places we can find out and fix it.
I wish I had a better set of things to say besides this, but I, too am not sure @drwhat. It's all very confusing: there are so many lies, so many hidden secrets, so many different things going on that it's near impossible to really make sense of anything. All I can say is something is off.