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Today, let's talk about the scriptwriter of Nice guy. Her name is Lee kyeong hee who is a famous scriptwriter in Korea. Her famous works are 'I'm sorry, I love you' starring So ji sub(first picture), and 'let's go to school Sang Do' starring Rain(Jung ji hoon).(second picture) Do you know that both of dramas have a sad ending? And even the story of 'Let's go to school Sang do' is smiliar with Nice guy. Take the closer look, Cha sang do(Rain) commit a crime because of her first love, Eun hun(Gong hyo jin). And then because of this, his stepparents abandon raising him up. After the time passes, he becomes a swallow to amass amount of money because of her daughter's treatment. Her daughter who is not his real daguther is suffered from a leukemia (swallow means the guy who chases women to gain money) Anyway in both of dramas, the main male characters died..... So nowadays, I'm really afraid of our drama's ending ㅜnㅜ What do you think about 'Nice guy's ending?' I want to hear your guess!!!
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minyk2002 i hope so!! ana.. love you baby.. *loads rifle*..kill that bitch!! i mean look at her..she killed so ji sub..rain..and now has her evil eyes on joong ki..she'll an international enemy!
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Nylamrehs..yup heroine also died beside rain in a love to kill..
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AHAHAHAHAHAHA, neaa dont worry il hav the head, u cn hav hr brains, and we'll divide the heart in between us, eh.... lolololol
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@hyunjoki....stupid sad ending.. and the scriptwriter there is the same as nice guy.. so what should we expect? =(
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ana we're done then~~
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