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Gwyneth Paltrow's Broadway Covers of Hip Hop
Ariana Grande managed to make this cool once, but Gwyneth took this to a ridiculous level. First off, what is she wearing?! And second of all, what is she SINGING!? The first song sounded like it could actually be in a musical, but Gwyneth's low note in Anaconda just about killed me. Don't even get me started on Big Sean! Ariana's voice was able to make it hilarious, but Gwyneth was just sort of messy. Still funny though (thanks to Jimmy)
Anne Hathaway's version was by far my fav. She can really belt that Snoop Dogg!
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I agree with @ArianaVenti.. Anne Hathaway's theater voice is so funny in itself. Did you know her mother sings too?
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lol loved that. horrible jumpsuit but that was entertaining
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Jimmy's ultimate rap cosigner is none other than Justin Timberlake when they do their history of rap! They are great together! So I have to vote for Justin Timberlake no matter what!
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