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So I would really like to save up and buy a fresh new board soon but their are just so many intriguing and amazing ones out there. The above boards are what I've narrowed it down to. SectorN9ne Downhill Division Gauntlet. Hanzo by Anvl. Arbor GB Shark Sizzler. Landyachtz Battleaxe. Santa Cruz Screaming Hand. Specs and opinions?
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The DHD gauntlet is the best of all these in my opinion. The Hanzo looks sketchy.
I agree with @steezus. I've been wanting to get the gauntlet as well.
Look up the hanzo. It has a lot of different things to offer than usual. Its from Brooklyn Workshop.
Fuck around and get the Hanzo, no fucks given. It pretty much looks like a solid board with a lil bit of why the fuck not on the end
Ahah you need to chill t'f out. 😂✌