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As any Communications student has heard a million times, "the medium is the message." This means that the actual way a message is shared often says more than the message itself. For example, breaking up with someone in person versus breaking up with someone via Facebook message. Which one did you automatically assume is the asshole-approach? Even if the FB message was heartfelt? Well, what if this applied to people as well as different modes of communication. Think of this: You sister tells you to clean up your room vs your Grandma telling you to clean up your room. Same words, but totally different power behind it. So what do you get when you have an average stranger off the street read off a list of horrible words? Probably just a bunch of uncomfortable people. But what if Jamie Foxx read those same words? What about if Ice.T says really lovely things in his classic angry voice? How does it change that? Check the videos to find out! Side note -- Eucalyptus is a very sexy word.
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Jamie Foxx said 'crusty' and I swear my toes tingled. He was blessed with a dreamy voice LOL