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Sleater-Kinney just made my day. They managed to not only release an awesome record, but to then release a video for their first single filled with everyone I love. *cough* Gerard Way *cough* Their record ‘No Cities To Love’ is classic Sleat-Kin, but they decided to let some other friends get in on the action for their first single. In no particular order, Gerard Way, J Mascis, Sarah Silverman, Andy Samberg, Ellen Page, Connie Britton, Natasha Lyonne and Vanessa Bayer make an appearance. When Miranda July popped up I knew that this video was solid gold. She's one of my favorite short story authors and to have her singing with my favorite performer and some of my favorite actors?! Brilliant. Special shout out goes to Fred Armisen, who plays the song on keyboard in a New York subway. Check out their record NOW!
Ellen Page is the cutest!
Also random story but I remember seeing Miranda July in the crowd at a Panda Bear concert and she was a really really tiny lady.
Sleater-Kinney was my favorite band in high school. I used to listen to The Woods and All Hands on the Bad One non-stop. I'm so excited that they're back! They're coming to LA in a couple of months and I can't wait! :)