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Now THIS is the kind of class I wish I had, perhaps, had the opportunity to take as a student! This class is called "Science for Superheroes" and it gets kids doing 3 really cool things: writing, doing math, and being superheroes! The idea of taking something kids (or adults, frankly) really love like superheroes, and then helping kids to look at it from all perspectives is really fun. They write about the superheroes. They do some engineering work on what the superheros would do and how they can do it. They have a good time! How can we learn from this? Well, we can see that obviously we should all be superheroes. Duh. And then we can learn that it's not just science or writing that you should think about in relation to superheroes or any other topic for that matter, you should try them ALL! How else do you figure out what you love, or what you're good at? I might just try to write a Superhero poem of my own. Maybe.
@hikaymm Who wouldn't have loved it? It's very cool that classes like this are being created to show that education can really be fun.
I would have LOVED to take this class, too!!