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If you have old jerseys, tanks or cotton tee you no longer need, take them out and repurpose them for better use. It's also an environment-friendly way to clear your closet! This tutorial requires no-sewing at all, so take out your scissors and start snipping. Instructions: 1. Cut your t-shirts into 1.5' strips. 2. Stack three strips and tie a knot tightly into the top to begin. 3. Start braiding the strips. 4. Braid to about 4" of the strips, coil the braid into a circle, with the knot in the center. 5. Take the strand closest to the center and pass it under and through one of the loops in the braid you coiled. 6. Continue your braid another few inches. It should be attached to the center coil where you passed the one strand through. 7. Every few inches, pass the strand closest to the center under and through the existing braid to attach it. You'll do this continuously to create the entire rug. How to Add Strip: Once you each the end of the strip you want to attach another instead of making more knots. (refer to the 4 image collage for visual presentation). (1) Fold over end of the attached strand, cut a small slit into the center and repeat with your new strand. (2) Line up the two slits you cut on both strands. (3) Take the other end of the new strand and pull it through the back of the slits towards the front. (4) To link, pull the strands tightly.
This would make a cute bathroom rug.
This is why I never regret buying jersey tops. Once the reach the end of its usage, it can be repurpose for many DIY projects.
@nannysally So I want to make a rug like this but square (or rectangle). What do you recommend? I need help. thx.
This looks like one of those apartment rugs you'd spend $200 for at Anthropologie. But why? Especially when you can make it yourself!
Oh no... I have thrown away all my old clothes :( Should have found out something like this earlier.