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Through the vastness of her perfection I saw rubble. I saw buildings abandoned. Trees and flowers wilted. Dirt where grass used to grow. Playground swings swaying vacantly. I saw a ghost town. What used to be a place of commerce and connection is now baron and lifeless. I saw through the doors of the old saloon that used to house musicians and astronauts and saw nothing, I heard nothing. I saw broken statues of war generals with weeds growing through the cracks. I saw the sunlight on the road ahead and it seemed out of place. It had pointed in the further direction a place where I hadn't wanted to go, at least not yet. I was lost in the thought that I could save this place, I could restore the former beauty. Fix some walls, paint some buildings, and plant new flowers. But in my endeavors I hesitantly learned that there is no saving this old town. It's slowly crumbling like it was meant to ever since it was born. Theres a point in every stars life when it shines the brightest and when it dies off. As hard as it can be I must start my adventure down the far road. Always in love from a far. Forever holding a weight in my heart.
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I can really relate to this one. Even when the potential exists, it cannot always be fixed. Even when the hope remains, sometimes, it dies. And that sucks, but you still captured it really well