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The benefit of curly hair is you get to work with a lot of volume. While you may love wearing your curls it's not practical for work. A way to polish your style and keep your curls under control is have them up. Here's cute top knot that compliments your hair texture. [STEPS] 1. Put your hair together in a high ponytail. Skip the brush and use your fingertips to align your curls and smooth out bumps. 2. Secure pony with a hair bungee or hair elastic. 3. Pad out your bun. Use a hair donut around the base of your ponytail to create the perfect bun shape. 4. Cover your donut by tilting your head forward and fan out your hair over it. Then twist your hair around and tuck the ends under the donut. 5. Pin in place with bobby pins. (Optional: finish with hairspray for extra hold.)
I love it! I feel like so many bun styles require straight smooth hair, so I am excited to see a curly hair option :)
I have really really curly hair and I didn't think my hair could look good in buns! She looks adorable.
This hairstyle really compliments her hair texture.
Now I want to be born with natural curly hair. Styling seem so much easier and you have so much volume to work with.