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By now you probably notice I love scarfs. It's so comfortable I can't leave my house without it. Lately, I've come across an effortlessly cool way of wearing scarf from the street style. I call it the scarf/wrap/shawl hybrid. If you're into the scarf fashion, you should definitely try this style out. Scroll through the image to see a few street style inspiration. Tip: Big scarfs tend to look best with this scarf technique. How to wear it: Drape your (unfolded) scarf evenly over both shoulders. Tuck one of the front corners back behind the opposite shoulder, underneath the scarf. Take the remaining front corner, put it over the opposite shoulder and tuck it in behind your neck to keep it in place. Photo: Always Judging, Look de Pernille, The Blonde Salad, Atlantic-Pacific, Maja Wyh
I never thought of styling my scarf until I saw your first photo. It looks so elegant!
I love the third style - patterned dress, black booties, and grey scarf.