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This video made by Fast Company shows how your cliched, rehearsed speeches aren't going to get you anywhere in a job interview! The interviewer has heard it before, and they'll hear it again after they don't hire you! "Nobody wants a cliché for an employee." There's nothing more true than that! Thankfully, not all jobs will ask these kind of cliche questions, but if they do, do not answer! Like! These! People!!! When they ask you something like, "What's your biggest weakness?," don't say "I'm a perfectionist." Give a real weakness that they're bound to find out anyways, like "I rush through tasks, but I'm learning to _____" Show that you're aware of your real weaknesses, because that's what they're actually looking for. When they ask you something like "Why do you want to work here?" have an answer other than "the job description looks cool!" Point out things you noticed in your research about the company (you did research, right?) that you thought appealed to you as an employee, or things you think the company is growing well but you could help grow in an exciting way,too. Go get em!
@onesmile I forget what my go-to answer is when people ask what my biggest flaw is. Probably something about how I'm so naturally good-looking that I can't help staring at my face in most reflective services. Jk.
@danidee I have been trying desperately to NOT think it through (because I know mine was horrible!)
This is really funny. Now I'm mentally going back to the last job interview I had and trying to see if I did any of these things. (I did get the job though!)