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If anyone was wondering, Tina Belcher is my spirit animal. If my soul could talk, it would speak in her voice. Here's a list of seven instances when Tina Belcher was accurately represented me in every stage of a crush. 1. The strong, independent woman 2. The defeated, overwhelmed girl with a crush 3. The logical dreamer. "I have been dated my crush in my head for years, we're meant for each other!" 4. The in-direct flirt 5. The very direct flirt 6. The hopeless 'just leave me, it's no use' romantic 7. The pep-talker that is ready to charm the world
@esha You're so right. So, so right.
@esha @danidee @timeturnerjones Are there girls that DONT marry their crushes in their heads?! I'm shocked!!!
@danidee Me too. Don't feel bad. Yep. I also am a pro at the indirect/direct flirting that gets you nowhere lol
The third one is pretty much me every year up until the age of 25. Okay. Not 25. I may still do this currently.