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A cyclist in Essex was riding down the road and was hugging the left side of the lane (England...). A van attempts to pass, but doesn't have much room to pass the cyclist safely. After the cyclist calls out for more room, the van turns into him causing him to hit the car then the curb and fall over. The driver of the van, infuriated for god knows what reason, jumps out and punches the cyclist. I'm just baffled. I mean I know drivers get angry with cyclist for taking center lane, I know cyclists can be jerks and hit someone's car when it's not really called for, but the driver of the van instigated everything here. This motorist deserves a visit from the police.
I've got an update: The cyclist decided not to press charges but the driver lost his job.
^ i call that a win for humanity
@troygreene84 thanks for the update!
@moses1489 2nd that