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I love dinner parties. I love the relaxed atmosphere, I love seeing people semi-dressed up and smelling sweet, I love good food and I love the ambiance. Coming from a family that loves to entertain, the one thing that I've learned is that details matter. Flower pieces and displays always add a nice touch to indoor parties. The second and last photos are roses from our own yard. For appetizers, cheese is key. The first photo is goat cheese with a raspberry preserve on top- it's brilliant! The third photo are some simple onion and garlic cheddars. Add some crackers on a nice platter and you're done! We have also learned that one of the greatest drinks to serve is ice tea. You can make your own concoction, get the powder from the grocery store, etc. Guests can get creative with ice tea- mixing in whatever they desire or in kids' case drinking it plain. Always remember.... you can never have too much food. If there is one thing that can ruin a party, it's running out of food or having none! People like to eat :)