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You don't believe me? Just watch and see. Candide has done it again! If you remember One of Those Days, Candide Thovex's original mind-bending POV video in which "cruising around" his home mountain of Balme, France consisted of playing slalom with skiers coming up the rope tow, throwing double backflips and cork 900s off of the mountain's incredible natural features, and gapping everything in site–from cat tracks to bystanders to police cars. One of Those Days 2 ups the ante–somehow–in almost every regard. You'll have to watch it for yourself...
Really unbelievable skiing. I know you said it but I didn't expect that
Mind blowing! I've never done any winter sports but I'm leaving Sunday to work security at the xgames so I'll prob see some of this in person. Pumped!!!
Even better than the first one where he backflips a police van. So awesome